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topics shortened - iii Revolution in the Philippines over...

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1. New deal-1932-1940 Theodore Roosevelt a. Works Progress Administration b. Civilian Conservation Corps c. Agricultural Administration Association d. Reconstruction Finance Corporation 2. Amendments a. 16 th i. 1895-income tax b. 17 th i. 1913-senators(2 per state, 6 year term, 1 vote each) c. 18 th i. 1919-prohibtion(repealed in 1933 by the 21 st amendment) d. 19 th i. 1920-Women’s voting rights 3. Wars a. Spanish American i. 1898 ii. Civil War in cuba is disrupting US sugar trade iii. Commodore Dewey, Admiral Cervera iv. Treaty of Paris, US gets temporary control of Cuba, and Puerto Rico and Guam b. Filipino American i. 1899 ii. Emilio Aguinaldo
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Revolution in the Philippines over America’s acquisitions in the treaty of Paris c. WWI i. 1915-Lusitania sunk by british subs ii. 1917-zimmerman note intercepted iii. 1918-national war labor board-to avoid strikes during wartime production iv. 1917-War industries board-Bernard Bauch, in charge of producing war supplies efficiently v. 4. Depression a. Dust Bowl i. 1932-1936 ii. Poor agricultural practices, land was farmed bare b. Great Bull Market of the 1920’s i. Expansion of the Bubble on commodities 5. Civil Rights...
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