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hume - i Cause and effect 3 Experience a Cannot...

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1) Three ways we associate a) Resemblance i) An idea of something we relate to something else b) Contiguity i) Idea of an apartment brings to mind your own 2) Matters of fact a) Arithmetic b) Geometry c) Algebra i) 2+3=5 ii) Given as Fact iii) Necessary (1) A priori d) The Sun is shining i) A Postereori (1) Not given as fact, but experienced (2) Not necessarily true, but contingently true e) We infer matters of fact based on the things directly present to our senses
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Unformatted text preview: i) Cause and effect 3) Experience a) Cannot assume(infer) anything with absolute certainty until you have experienced them i) Eat bread, it nourishes you ii) You don’t know if it will nourish you again until you eat it, and it nourishes you (1) Testimony of Experience...
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