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1) Thoughts on Galileo’s “Assayer” a) The language of Nature i) WE must understand the language that our world is delivered in, and to attempt to  understand our world/universe without first understanding this language is  completely pointless b) Primary and Secondary Qualities i) We use our senses to aid our imaginations and minds in assigning qualities to things  in the physical universe ii) Without us, the sensation of burning, or tickling wouldn’t exist, because there would  nothing around to interact with it and name it (1) Without us, these things are just NAMES (2) We derive our definitions of all things around us through our interactions with  these things.  (a) Our interactions differ based on the physical nature of the things we interact 
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Unformatted text preview: with (big or small, few or many, red or white, fast or slow) c) Motion causes heat i) Using all of the above assumptions, it is also safe to assume that motion causes heat (1) Things moving at a certain speed, and in certain numbers interact with our bodies, and if they are in the correct nature, they cause us to feel heat. (2) All fire does, in itself to exist is move. (a) It consumes subjects that are less assertive than it, and therefore grows (i) Because of this fact, it is to be understood that fire without movement/growth, does not exist, and therefore heat does not exist...
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