Exam 3 Review Topics - Exam 3 Review Topics: 1. Definition...

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Exam 3 Review Topics: 1. Definition of stereotype, prejudice, discrimination a. Stereotypes i. Generalizations about typical characteristics of members of a group (Asians good at math) b. Prejudice i. Attitude towards members of a group based solely on their membership in that group c. Discrimination i. Behavioral Manifestation of prejudice, actions toward group members 2. cognitive explanations for why we stereotype a. Social Categorization i. Classifying people into groups based on common attributes simplifies future info. Processing b. Ingroup-Outgroup i. Perceived outgroup homogeneity (assume greater similarity among characteristics of the outgroup than ingroup c. Illusory correlation i. Joint occurrence of behaviors and groups is overestimated 3. reasons why we continue to stereotype despite encountering evidence that calls into the question the validity of the stereotype a. The media perpetuates them b. Subcategorizing i. Stereotype inconsistent exemplars are seen are exceptions 1. I KNOW SOME VERY NICE BLACK PEOPLE, BUT FOR THE MOST PART, THEY ARE HOODRATS c. Confirmation Bias i. Stereotype consistent 1. Described In General, trait terms; elicit dispositional attributions ii. Stereotype Inconsistent 1. Described in Specific, behavioral terms, elicit situational attributions d. Self Fulfilling prophecies i. When a perceiver has an expectancy about a target they may act in a way that makes their expectancies happen 1. WORD ET AL. (1974) 4. functions stereotypes serve for humans ( know illustrative studies) and consequences for those using stereotypes (biased interpretation) and the targets of stereotypes (stereotype threat) a. Stereotypes Help us to form schemas, which make judgments quicker and more streamlined b. However, this can cause a problem when we begin applying these judgments unfairly, or inaccurately 5. motivational reasons people are prejudiced against others
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Exam 3 Review Topics - Exam 3 Review Topics: 1. Definition...

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