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Lecture 5 self - (a When current behavior doesn’t equal...

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1) Lecture 5-Self Esteem a) Positive and Negative Self Evaluations i) Dimensions of the self (1) 3 Dimensions(personal standards) (a) Actual Self: Who we are (i) Impatient with brother (b) Ought Self: Who we should be (i) I should be patient (c) Ideal Self: Who we’d like to be (i) I want to be more assertive ii) Discrepancies (1) Self awareness
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Unformatted text preview: (a) When current behavior doesn’t equal standards (i) Cheating on tests (b) 2 Options to cope with this (i) Turn attention away from self (ii) (2) Self-focus-Compare self to personal standards (a) Standing in front of an audience (b) Looking into a mirror (c) Watching ourselves on video...
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