Psych 10.12.10 - (1) Motive for communication (a) Is the...

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1) Psych 10-12-10 a) Explicit attitudes and implicit attitudes i) Explicit (1) Attitudes we know we have (a) Thoughts about the president (2) Operate at a conscious level (a) Most Americans Know it ii) Implicit (1) Attitudes we aren’t aware of having (2) Operate at a nonconscious level (a) Affect Involuntary Behaviors (i) How are they measured? 1. IAT: Measures one’s association between 2 concepts a. Groups (Race Gender) b. Evaluation (good or bad) 2. Best for attitudes people don’t know they have or don’t want to say b) Attitude Change i) Persuasion (1) Change based on message ii) Cognitive dissonance (1) Not liking some idea you have, but eventually succumbing to it because of your  distaste for it iii) Yale attitude change model
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iv) Nature of communication
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Motive for communication (a) Is the motive obvious? c) Dual Process Model d) Routes to persuasion i) Central Route (1) People elaborate on central merits of attitude object (a) Primary qualities that make the object valuable or desirable (i) Listen and analyze carefully (b) Central Merits can be in the message and the source of the message (i) Depends on the situation 1. Appyling to grad school V. selling beauty products ii) Peripheral Route (1) Mostly focused on physical attributes (a) Very shallow, not focused on the actual attributes of the thing, but more on the physical attractiveness of it (i) TV advertisements (ii) Not about quality but quantity e) Motivation i) Factors influencing...
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Psych 10.12.10 - (1) Motive for communication (a) Is the...

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