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Research Methods - i Memory RT d Behavioral Measures i...

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1) Research Methods-Lecture 2 a) What is social psych? i) The Scientific Study of  (1) How Individuals think , feel and behave in regard to other people (a) OTHER PEOPLE (i) Don’t have to be present or even real (ii) Implied or Imagined presence (iii) Walking alone late at night (iv) Preparing for a dater or job interview (b) Psychological Construct (i) Qualities or processes that can’t be seen or directly observed (c) Operational Definition (i) Specific Procedure or Operation that is used to measure or manipulate a  variable in a research study (ii) Operationalization 1. Many possible operations of DVs in social psychology a. Self-reports: Scales tests, interviews i. PROBLEM: People could lie b. Physiological measures: HR, cortisol c. Cognitive measures
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Unformatted text preview: i. Memory, RT d. Behavioral Measures i. Seating 2. Issues for all measures a. Validity i. Measuring what you think you’re measuring b. Reliable i. Measuring something consistently 3. Purpose of Scientific Approach a. Identify general truths or relationships that exist in world rather than common sense 4. Danger with relying on common sense: a. Draws on personal experience, and we have specific b) Psychology of Individuals i) Thoughts (cognitions) ii) Feelings (emotions/affect) iii) Actions (behavior) c) Is Social Psychology just Common Sense? i) Social Psychology relies on scientific method to distinguish fact from “common Sense” d) Why Social Psychology seems like common sense: Hindsight Bias e)...
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Research Methods - i Memory RT d Behavioral Measures i...

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