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34. Subjective-Who is the model in the advertisement? Objective-Did the model make you more attracted to the product? 35. Subjective-What was the advertisement for? Objective-How did the use of French in the advertisement make you feel? 36. Subjective-Did you find this ad entertaining? Objective-Why or why not? 37. Subjective-Did this ad excite you? Objective-How did the use of color in this ad make you feel? 38. Subjective-What type of product is this an ad for? Objective-How did the endorsing quote influence you? 39. Subjective-Did you find this ad simple?
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Unformatted text preview: Objective-How did the side by side comparison affect the ad’s presentation? 40. Subjective-Did this ad stand out to you? Objective-How did the use of food make you feel? 41. Subjective-is this an effective ad for pregnant women? Objective-What do you think about the model? 42. Subjective-Did this ad effect you emotionally? How did the use of dark colors make you feel? 43. Subjective-Is this ad effective at communicating luxury? Objective-how does this ad make you feel about the brand?...
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