Chapter 4 notes - 1) Chapter 4-Studying Behavior a)...

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Unformatted text preview: 1) Chapter 4-Studying Behavior a) Variables i) Any event, situation, behavior, or individual characteristic that varies (1) Four defined types (a) Situational Variable (i) Characteristics of a situation or environment: the number of bystanders to an emergency (b) Response Variables (i) Responses of behaviors of individuals: Helping a victim in an emergency (c) Subject Variables (i) Individual differences from person to person 1. Extraversion, gender, intelligence, etc (d) Mediating variables (i) Psychological processes that mediate the effects of a situational variable on on a particular response b) Operational Definitions of Variables i) Operational Definitions (1) The definition of a variable in terms of how the experimenter uses it in his research (a) IE- Stress, as it applies to stress in the workplace with music playing as compared to without music playing c) Relationships between variables i) Positive linear relationship (1) In this relationship, both values X and Y increase together (a) IE-higher levels of credibility in a speaker yield higher levels of persuasion in...
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Chapter 4 notes - 1) Chapter 4-Studying Behavior a)...

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