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1. ind. variable 1 (between): Time pressure-two minutes for one group, no constraints for the other 2. ind. variable 2 (within): Lights on, Lights off, the first time they take the test they are in the 3. dark(dim) light, the second time the lights are on dependent variable: number of correct answers tests the effect of lighting on thought process 4. ind. variable 1 (between): 5 minute time span, no given time span 5. ind. variable 2 (within): the first time they listen to a classical song (any) while reading obituaries, the second they are reading a comedy article (Dave Barry, Tucker Max etc)
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Unformatted text preview: 6. dependent variable: Rating of whether the song was sad or not, 1-10 1. Independent Var. 1 (Between)-One group holds the ads in their hands, the other views them on a slideshow 2. Independent variable 2 (Within)-ten sexually themed ads, ten product advertisement ads 3. Administer distractor task(to account for confounds) Draw a picture, or do math problems 4. Dependent Variable-Rate of recall between group that held ads and group that viewed them...
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