lecture 1, january 20 - stupid (c) Prediction (i) I bet...

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1) Knowledge acquisition     a) Tenacity (wives tales) i) Empty statements ii) Error correction b) Authority i) Wrong c) Reason (logic) i) Premise incorrect (1) Common sense (a) Intution (2) Direct experience=limited (a) Perceptions will be flawed (3) Skeptic       (a) The good scientist is a skeptic d) Science i) Science is the union of: (1) Reason (2) Common Sense ii) Cycle of science (1) Science can answer questions, but usually brings up new questions in the  process, which can also be tested (a) Observation (i) People on their cell phones driving do stupid things
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(b) Hypothesis (i) If I see someone on their cell phone, I bet they’re going to do something 
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Unformatted text preview: stupid (c) Prediction (i) I bet people driving with their cell phones will do stupid things (d) Experiment (i) Test the prediction (2) Experiment (a) Variables (i) Alcohol consumption (independent variable) (ii) Driving(dependent variable) (b) Operational Definition (i) How you measure your variable (ii) Independent variable(Cause) (iii) Dependent variable(effect) (3) PROOF (a) A good scientist never uses the word PROVE iii) Goals of Science (1) Description (a) When you take a political poll (i) Observation by hypothesis (2) Prediction (a) If->then (3) Explanation (a) Cause/effect...
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lecture 1, january 20 - stupid (c) Prediction (i) I bet...

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