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research paper rough draft - Chunking and Rehearsal in...

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Chunking and Rehearsal in Memorization 1 Hypothesis In this study, the random math group will perform the worst. The most words will be recalled by the cluster rehearsal group, because they have the two most reliable methods of memory according to the research study herein(Insert research study) – This research study notes that clustered lists with rehearsal learning method will cause maximum retention. This can be measured in accuracy and number of words. Introduction The experiment was designed to study the differences between clustering and rehearsal on memory retention. The inspirations for the experiment were a study by Gordon Bower et. Al. titled “Hierarchal retrieval schemes in recall of categorized word lists”, which studied the effect of hierarchal grouping of words on their memorization, and the a study by W.A. Bousfield and C.R. Puff on the “Determinants of the clustering of taxonomically and associatively related word pairs”. This study found that words that are related taxonomically and used cluster based grouping recall more frequently than words that were related nontaxonomically. Based on Bousfield and Puff’s research, it is
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research paper rough draft - Chunking and Rehearsal in...

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