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post 4 - I have always held conflicting views on the death...

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I have always held conflicting views on the death penalty, and have never been able to really find an acceptable standpoint that satisfied my morals on murder, and the punishment for it. I find it to be an incredibly convoluted problem, and I fell like there are too many scenarios in which it could be used improperly, or do no good for society. However, I do see the viewpoint that would make it an appropriate punishment for murder, because if someone has taken another person’s life they clearly do not value human life, and therefore relinquish their right to it. Having viewed the material in this class relating to capital punishment, I have found it easier to cope with capital punishment. Most of the criminals on death row, in their last statements indicate their acceptance of guilt, and their readiness to die. I think that while remorse is definitely achieved in most cases of capital punishment, the only reason it is achieved is because the inmates know they face death for what they have done. Without that process, I don’t think we can know for sure whether or not inmates
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