UGSExam2 - Suicide Tourist Study Guide Questions 1. How...

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Suicide Tourist Study Guide Questions 1. How does Craig liken his decision to migrating to another country? - He said it must be how immigrants to America must have felt in the 19th century I’m confused on this answer. It just says how he thought it felt. But did he like his decision to migrate to another country? It doesn’t want whether he “likes” it or not, just what he compared it to from his viewpoint. -He also says he is at the end of his journey. 2. What seemed to precipitate his decision? - He thought he had deteriorated enough from his ALS disease. 3. `did his view of himself change?d - He looked at himself and saw a shell of his former self. 4. How did Mary and Craig’s religious beliefs differ? - He is an agnostic while she is an Irish catholic 5. What was the objective Dignitas? - It’s an euthanasia group aims to assist patient to die - Most active assisted suicide group - Facilitated over 1000 deaths - Illegal in Switzerland, but allows outsiders to come in and have assisted suicide -^^^ Im pretty sure its legal in Switzerland? How else would they have done it hahahahaha ^^ i think they meant you cannot be a citizen of Switzerland and have assisted suicide ^^but I’m pretty sure you can. . why would they allow outsiders to commit suicide but not citizens? In other countries (and two US States) it’s legal too, but you have to be a resident, which is why Switzerland was the only option - because it’s the only place that allows non-residents to have physician assisted suicide as well 6. Was Craig tired of living? - He was not tired of living, just tired of ALS 7. Why did he not wait for a peaceful death? - The disease was painful and he wants to end it immediately - The studies say that the patients die “peacfully” he was afraid that it was actually really painful and no one would know because you are paralyzed by that point. 8. How was suffering thought of? - Very painful and frustrating, as he can’t move any limbs and being paralyzed. - Suffering is thought of being able to show you’re in pain by saying “OW” or just showing you’re in pain. But sometimes people with paralysis can not show they are pain. In his mind, suffering could . 9. What did Mary and Craig do when setting a date to die? - They sent emails to his children back in America 10. Did he set a date to die? - Yes 11. What was Craig’s view of the afterlife? - Afterlife doesn’t exist according to his view 12. What did Craig consider his two choices? - He’s scared of death, but at the same time he doesn’t want to keep suffering - 1) Death, or 2) Suffering and eventual death
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13. What was Craig’s position on playing God and taking his own life? - He thinks he shouldn’t play God, but it is a necessity made possible by technology
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UGSExam2 - Suicide Tourist Study Guide Questions 1. How...

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