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Unformatted text preview: 9-10-10 Christian views on human nature *we have free will *how do you –know- you have a choice? *physical body, separate spiritual soul *body-bad *impulses are dangerous *soul-good *superior to the body, exercises control over it *free will-control over our actions and impulses *if someone doesn’t have control over their actions, we do not consider them morally responsible *if God didn’t give us free will, then we couldn’t be held morally responsible and judged *free will is what makes us human Augustine-we need God’s help in order to be good *moral responsibility: credit, blame *God gets credit for the good, humans get blame for the bad *free will-God gave you power to ask for help Luther*free will-freedom to believe in God or not *works don’t mean anything, only whether or not we believe in God *but if we do believe in God, we will also do the good works *belief, not actions, are the source of being good with God *works-all about controlling our bad bodily impulses Aquinas *body is bad, drives are bad *soul is important because that’s the part made in God’s image *”truth cannot conflict with truth”-reason cannot conflict with faith ...
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