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Unformatted text preview: 9-22-10 *liberalism-political philosophy and theory of human nature *political freedom-liberty *tenets: *individual people are the best determinants of what constitutes their own happiness-not the business of state authorities *limiting state power to allow people to determine for themselves what to do with their lives *human nature is fundamentally flexible-you need maximum freedom to determine your potential *empirical, practical-more concerned with behavior than thoughts/beliefs-it’s what we DO that matters, politically *Von Humboldt *perfectionist liberalism *laissez-faire liberalism *liberalism-humans ought to be free *political self-determination-result of freedom but also guarantor of freedom *personal freedom-pursuit of happiness up to you, not government *religious freedom-left up to you *economic freedom*libertarianism-negative view of freedom *no one should be allowed to interfere *no view on enabling people to do things *liberalism-positive view of freedom *enables people to do things *man can only do one thing at the time, but you can do a variety of things to develop yourself *human progress depends on a collectiveness-everyone provides something unique *concept of human nature-potential *humans have potential, but we can only fulfill this if we have the freedom to do so *state’s role in morality *stay out of it *not the business of the state to impose morality “The state may not attempt to act upon the situation of the citizen with any positive ends in view” (136) *The state can only prevent harm, not make a citizen do something “for their own good” ...
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