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10-4-10 - *social contract theory-political arrangements...

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10-4-10 *social contract theory-political arrangements are like a social contract-you receive certain benefits by being a part of society *focuses more on which freedoms are given up *Mill focuses on the freedoms-which freedoms are people owed? *there are rights that we cannot and should not give up 2 obligations that members of a society owe to society 1) not injuring the interests of one another 2) each person bearing his share in the sacrifices necessary for society *you owe society what you get out of it-you get freedom, you don’t infringe on others’ freedoms *however, society is not built on people just not interfering, people must also take an active part in society-each person must bear his share in things like paying taxes *society cannot make laws about things that you do to yourself that only affect yourself *society can only interfere if your actions are directly harming others *principle underlining all laws-err on the side of liberty *forcing people to do things doesn’t work
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