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10-6-10 *Mill-focuses on liberty as a fundamental right *individual freedom is necessary because that is how people find their happiness *Hobhouse-focuses on a communal ideal *you get to the best kind of human life by getting there yourself, no one can give it to you “If men could be spoon-fed with happiness, a benevolent despotism would be the ideal system” (151) *liberty is the best way to achieve this happiness *a fulfilling existence requires some self-governance *liberalism is not: *just a formula of law *just saying what a government can’t do *does not rest on self-assertion of the individual *just about personal conduct *opposed to discipline *tolerance of opposed opinions *you are expected to argue and defend your position-not just tolerate opposed opinions *point of free speech-every point of view must be defended *even if everyone agrees with you, you still must come up with objections in order to defend your argument *religious toleration-doesn’t mean people’s beliefs aren’t important
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