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10-8-10 *Mill-legal punishment does not have jurisdiction over actions which only affect the person committing them *experiments in living-doing different things in life-similar to search for truth *how can you find what is right for you if you don’t try different ways of living? *Hobhouse-everything a man does affects everyone *mill doesn’t disagree-what people do to themselves do affect other people, we just have no right to interfere *for paper-look for a specific case in which the disagreement would be most manifest *can’t use addiction example for paper because Mill talks about people that are fully competent or that are in
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Unformatted text preview: full possession of their faculties *we shouldn’t punish, we should rehabilitate *Hobhouse-general good is a composite of the individual goods *that’s why everyone’s individual good is important *Mill-the only way society progresses is if every individual is free *where does the self-harming behavior come from? *Mill-don’t interfere in interest of others, and everyone needs to bear their share in society...
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