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10-13-10 * Rousseau-civilization undermines man’s natural virtue *glorified view of human nature-he says we are physically well organized, not prone to sickness (not true?) *we have inequality by nature-we’re not all given the same physical and mental capabilities *not the same thing as political inequality *political inequality cannot be explained by natural inequality *where does this inequality come from? *the superior do not rule because they are superior *what were humans like before political inequality? *noble savage *because political inequality doesn’t come from natural inequality, our natural inequalities don’t matter *Rousseau idealizes nature to create contrast for political problem
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Unformatted text preview: *attributes of Savage Man *simple-in lifestyle and mind *has practical cleverness-focused on needs, not intellect *solitary *savage man is the contrast to how we live in society *society is the cause of political inequality *the only way to imagine there being equality is to imagine a man alone *political inequality is inevitable as a result of being social animals *civilization of man is compared to domestication of animals *domesticated animals are always weaker *savage man is how we would be WITHOUT society, not how we actually were in our natural state *man has instincts, but we can override them and learn-free will...
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