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10-18-10 - *because there are different ways to be happy...

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10-18-10 Paper due Tuesday, oct. 26th at 11:59 pm Deadline for help-Friday Liberal view of human nature *freedom is valuable *happiness is best achieved through self-determination *pluralistic conception of human flourishing *not one way to be fulfilled-there are many ways *not so much one human nature-people are different, so people can decide different ways to achieve fulfillment *humans are fallible, limited *but we can learn from mistakes *progress is possible (individual and collective progress) *progress is possible because of reason, critical thinking, not accepting received opinion/authority *truth only comes from questioning authority, and the accepted way *rational process *people are changeable *we can be changed by experience *human nature is not predetermined *develops through learning, experience, etc. *we develop in the context of our society *tyranny of the majority is dangerous because it imposes one specific way to live *people should be protected from authority
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Unformatted text preview: *because there are different ways to be happy, the government should be as least involved as possible-government should not interfere *enlightenment ideals-not accepting received opinion * rousseau-counter-enlightenment *rejection of enlightenment *embrace of romantic view of human nature-emotion over reason and critical thinking *basic principle of human action *self interest *we feel empathy for creatures who are like us in some way, because we know what suffering is *this does not require reflection *this is a natural feeling *by nature, humanity is inherently good *this inherent goodness is ruined by society *difference between selfishness and self-interest *selfishness means pursuing self-interest while ignoring the needs of others Rousseau’s Dualistic View of Human Nature *Good-*independence/self-sufficient *nature *simple *intuition, cleverness *Bad-*dependence *culture/society *complicated *reason, intellect...
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10-18-10 - *because there are different ways to be happy...

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