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10-20-10 Cynical Views of Human Nature * Machiavelli and Hobbes *respond better to fear than love *need to be told what to do *people are violent, selfish *confirmation bias Machiavelli’s rules for ruling people 1) better to be feared than loved *what is it about human nature that makes it so? *self-preservation, self-interest always wins out as far as motivation *interested in own good sometimes to the exclusion of the public good 2) seem to keep your promises/integrity/be virtuous, until it serves your self-interest not to be *gullibility is tied to selfishness *in order to deceive people, tell people what they want to hear *we tend to believe things we know/want to believe are true-confirmation bias *we interpret information based on what we already know 3) leave people’s property alone *people care more about their own welfare and stuff than anything else
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Unformatted text preview: Hobbes *no best way to live ones life *people want to get what they want-different people want different things, so there is no one universal standard of value *distinguishes between is and ought *Hobbes describes what people ARE, not what they SHOULD BE *given how people are, what should they do to get what they want *people want power because its a means to an end *the only reason people try to act virtuously is because they want approval from other people *empathy needs to be taught *why would we resent someone that did something for us that we cant repay? *pride *they can hold it over us, they are superior to us *were all equal in our vulnerability-no one is so powerful that they are not at risk...
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