10-29-10 - *you shouldn't have to trade your freedom in...

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10-29-10 *Simone Weil *rights and obligations *a right for someone is an obligation for someone else *a man who is alone in the world has no rights, but he does have obligations *you have obligations to yourself *most fundamental feature of morality-needs *respecting other people's needs-basis for our obligations *needs- *physical needs-protection, housing, clothing, feeding, medical needs *necessary for life to be sustained *moral needs-not concerned with earthly matters, but necessary condition of our life on this earth *if these needs are not satisfied, we become in a state akin to death-our life has no purpose *necessary for life to be meaningful/engaging, happiness/fulfillment *human collectivity *”We owe our respect to a collectivity of a whatever kind-country, family, or any other-not for itself, but because it is food for a c *needs of the human soul: 1) order-”no one is compelled to violate imperative obligations in order to carry out other ones” (184)
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Unformatted text preview: *you shouldn't have to trade your freedom in order to eat *your freedom should not be limited in order to enhance others *social order *a society that provides for everyone’s needs 2) liberty-subordinate to order *without order, no one is free 3)obedience *requires consent-CHOOSING to follow *need to obligate ourselves to systems of authority? *is this really a basic human need? 4) responsibility 5) equality-”A recognition, at once public, general, effective, and genuinely expressed in institutions and customs, that the same amoun *positive view of equality-equality must be enabled-you must have the opportunity to be equal *if there is genuine equality of opportunity, if you fail, it reflects on you *social mobility also means social immobility 6) hierarchism 7) honor 8) punishment 9) freedom of opinion 10) security 11) risk 12) private property 13) collective property 14) truth...
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10-29-10 - *you shouldn't have to trade your freedom in...

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