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Unformatted text preview: 11-1-10 *views of society *individualist vs. organacist *Marx- organacist *man is a part of nature *other views *man against nature *man above nature *“man is a species being” “Man makes his life activity itself the object of his will and of his consciousness” *our ideas are collective, and our activities are collective *there never was an isolated humans *alienation-we become further removed from this collective when we are engaged in life work that is not related to our survival *if you lack control or investment in your work, you become removed *humans are so fundamentally social-anything that alienates us from that is undermining our humanity *no control over the means of production makes us miserable *focus is on our material needs *our life activities are why we have the social structures we have *organic and collective view of human nature that is fundamentally materialistic *everything has to be rooted in the practical-it's all about meeting human needs *reification-to take an idea/concept and to think of it as a thing *all religion is rooted in reification *“consciousness is determined by life” *also true with the social order *activity shapes our ideas rather than the ideas shaping our activities ...
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