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11-3-10 - *pcriticisms of Marx*Murachik-uses Welsh communes...

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11-3-10 *p criticisms of Marx *Murachik-uses Welsh communes as examples of failed socialism experiments *not really good evidence against Marxist thought *Marx said that industry exacerbates the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” and that the revolution of the underclass over the higher class is inevitable *Marx and Engels claimed that their thoughts were a science and predictive *not based on any evidence *collective ownership economy-failures *Marx and Engels dismissed self-interest as simply a result of an alienating capitalistic system that emphasizes private property *wrong! Humans are always self-interested *division of communism that Marx and Engels promoted had no checks and balances *no way to limit pursuits in self-interest, because they didn't even recognize that people have self-interest
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