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Unformatted text preview: 11-22-10 *highest good=exercise of reason *best life is also living in accordance with virtue *virtue is an aptitude of character in doing the best actions concerning dealing with pleasures and pains *virtuous person is not only doing the right thing, but taking pleasure in doing so *just doing the right thing is not enough *doing the right thing for the wrong reasons/motives is not virtuous *if you’re doing the right thing begrudgingly, or out of a sense of duty instead of doing it because you want to, that is not virtuous *if you’re doing the right thing without any knowledge that you are doing it, that is not virtuous *if you’re not coming from a place of knowledge and deliberation, you might not do it again *virtuous people act consistently in a virtuous manner *we don’t judge people only based on their feelings, because there is not much choice involved in feelings *we don’t just people based on predispositions, because there is no choice involved in that either *we DO judge people based on how they REACT to feelings and dispositions *virtues are not feelings or predispositions, but active conditions-choice is involved *we judge based on actions, not feelings *virtue is action, not a feeling *virtues are ends in themselves *virtue=excellence in governing your emotions with reason in an active condition *right thing to do= the mean between excess and deficiency *doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get too angry *for example, you SHOULD get really angry at injustice *right thing to do is based on situational/circumstantial principles instead of general principles *there are no rules for doing the right thing-just do the right thing for that situation *there are vices on either side of the virtue: *cowardicecourageoverconfidence *virtue is defined relative to the end *virtues: courage, temperance, generosity, honor *virtue does not lie halfway between fear and overconfidence-virtue is also an extreme *for example, you can’t have too much courage *virtue is not just being moderate ...
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