11-29-10 - 11-29-10 *final essay-come up with something...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-29-10 *final essay-come up with something that is a modern virtue that is not on Aristotle’s list Book 3-Virtues *we don’t either blame or praise people for characteristics that people just have-such as height, etc. *how do we know what people just have, and what people are responsible for? *only that which is a choice is of moral concern *everyone has a reason behind their actions; everyone acts because they think they will gain something pleasurab *ignorance is not willing-if you don’t know what your action consists of, or what the consequences of your actio *reaction to ignorance is what can be judged-if you regret your mistake-praise, if you don’t regret your m *difference between acting on account of ignorance, and acting while being ignorant *acting on account of ignorance-making a mistake that you couldn’t have helped *they are doing bad actions because they are in a state of ignorance that they are responsible for (drunken *to be willing, all you have to do is know what you are doing and be the source of the action *choice is different-choice is involved with reason and thinking things through *choice lies in deliberations *animals are willing, but do not choose, because they only react to instincts *everything that is a choice is willing *not everything that is willing is chosen *choice is a subset of willing actions *we deliberate over things that are in our power *we deliberate about our own actions that affect us *we don’t deliberate about things like spelling or math *we don’t have to deliberate over things that will happen regardless of what we do *however, we do deliberate over things we think we have control over, like disease *we don’t deliberate over ends, only the means to the ends *virtue and vice are both up to us *both acting and not acting are up to us ...
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11-29-10 - 11-29-10 *final essay-come up with something...

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