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Aristotle-Book 1 continued *good life-the sort of activity that realizes the highest good *the good person is not just someone who is generous, but someone who feels good about feeling generous *there is a certain amount of luck involved in having a happy life *however, choice is integral for morality *we only judge people by what they have power over “The attribute in question, then, will belong to the happy man, and he will be happy throughout his life; for always, or by preference to everything else, he will be engaged in virtuous action and contemplation, and he will bear the chances of life most nobly and altogether decorously, if he is 'truly good' and 'foursquare beyond reproach'.” *even though there are misfortunes in life that can you make you unhappy, morality consists in being as happy as possible under the circumstances *he recognizes that bad things happen to good people *virtuous, good people can handle the bad things well *we don't praise people for things they naturally have, only the things they make choices to do
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