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Midterm Study Guide Conceptual and Analytical Issues Actor Behavior- is the levels of analysis. International Political Economy is the study of a methodological approach to understand what relationship between the market, state, and societies. Politicalà is the power of the variety of actors. These actors make political decisions. These decisions affect tangible and intangible things such as taxes and securities. Politics also pots a food deal of emphasis on how much power actors have to attain a variety of goals. Economyà economic dimension that deals with how scarce resources are distributed among individuals, groups, and nation-states. The market is the most important force because it is the driving force to shape human behaviors… leads into the levels of analysis ( framework for understanding the deicison making process of different actors). The study of IPE is important because there it allow students the fereesom tot selct and analtyica approach or combination of approaches they feel best suits a particular issue. This also leads into the levels of analysis: Global- which is the issues that are tackled internationally like energy, price setting, and technology. Theses factors affect the decision making process as a whole.; interstate level- when state are able to make decisions based on the fact of another; state level- government and decision making within the state; and individual which emphasis on the individual psychological identities of a person for a outcome. System Governance- formal set of rules and laws to be carried out by a force. The problem is that there is a lack of system governance in the international arena. The historical context of the international system is that we have never had true system governance and we live in a state of anarchy. States are able to fend for themselves and build their own military. This is a realist approach. System
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Midterm Study Guide(1) - Midterm Study Guide Conceptual and...

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