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In Leviathan, Hobbes says “For the savage people in many places of America… live at this day in that brutish manner as I said before.” What is the brutish manner that Hobbes is referring to here? What is the cause of this brutish condition? Be sure to consider Hobbe’s understanding of rationality. Is there reason to think this condition is special for Native Americans? What would Charles Mills say about this in particular? What implications does Mills draw from this example? Is Mills critique valid?
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Unformatted text preview: Outline P1 Intro P2 Brutish manner (Hobbes) explained-Hobbes attempt to explain the situation-State of Nature is the brutish manner o Quote o explain -explain the example of NA P3 Cause of the brutish condition-lack of law-lack of society / cities o they are man-made not natural-lack of government P4 Is it special for Native Americans? P5 Mill’s view on Hobbes - contradictory P6 View (cont)/ implications drawn from example P7 Validity of Mills critique P8 Conclusion...
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