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The Acto style is a “rebirth of Chicano culture” that is changing the way Americans think about Latino Theater. This is the style of the El Teatro Campesino, which is a theater group based from all over the southwest. It is described as being like a revolution against the “gabacho” or the white man and as a way to reason and reach out. It embraces the history and the beauty of life and seeks to portray the pure goods of life. It also attempts to show the cruelty of the white landowners who employ many of the Chicanos in their farms. This can be seen in the narration of the play Las Dos Caras del Patroncito , in which the landowner, Patroncito, has a dialogue with the new farmworker. “Patroncito: Good boy! (Patroncito pats him on the head
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Unformatted text preview: .) Good boy. ( The Patroncito steps to one side and leans over . Farmworker kisses his ass. Patroncito snaps up triumphantly. ) ‘At’s a baby! You’re okay, Pancho.” This dialogue shows the treatment of the farmworkers as if they are lower than humans and are only fit for hard labor and to please their masters. The farmworker has a pig mask that the Patroncito gives to him during the play which represents the enforcement and at the end of the scene Patroncito is pulled away by Charlie, one of his own men. This depicts the foolishness of the owner and how the poor helpless worker was able to outwit him out of his belongings. The play shows the situations of the Chicanos and plays a major part of their lives....
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