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Deporting the Divas by Guillermo Reyes is a play about an INS officer named Michael and his homosexual interactions in the southwest border of the US and Mexico. He is first introduced to the idea of such a relationship with his raid of a gay wedding. He has scenes with other characters that seem to encourage exploring the taboo side of relationships. He forms a relationship with Sedicio, whom he meets in his Spanish class. Sedicio attempts to change Michael into his lover, this being one of the borders that can be found in the play. The change from being heterosexual to becoming bisexual is one that is quite difficult for Michael. His past relationship with his wife and children are somewhat a barrier for his current relationship with Sedicio. He is unsure if as to pursue
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Unformatted text preview: this relationship and face discrimination from his peers or to go back to his normal life. The other border is the quite obvious one, that being the actual border between Mexico and the United States. This border has a profound effect on the characters because most of the interactions are due to the presence of that very border. Another border is the one between the audience and the cast in the play. The fourth wall is broken often and the audience becomes aware of the characters thoughts. This allows for the connection between the cast and the audience. The cast also breaks character in order to assume different personas, this can be confusing at times but it allows for an interesting plotline....
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