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Course Number: CHFD342 Course Name: Human Lifespan Development Credit Hours: 3 Length of Course: 8 Weeks Prerequisite: Table of Contents Instructor Information Evaluation Procedures Course Description Grading Scale Course Scope Course Outline Course Objectives Policies Course Delivery Method Academic Services Course Materials Selected Bibliography Instructor Information Instructo r : Dr. Stella Michael Makri Email: Phone: 770-709-2151 Office Hours: By email arrangement. Most questions or concerns can be managed via email. If you wish to consult with your instructor over the phone, it is best to reserve via email uninterrupted phone time. Table of Contents Course Description (Catalog)
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This course is a survey of human development across the life span. Course content includes terminology, principles, and theories related to genetic and environmental influences on physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Table of Contents Course Scope This course examines seminal and contemporary models of biological, cognitive, social and emotional development across the human lifespan. Table of Contents Course Objectives During successful completion of this course students will: CO1: Trace the history of the science and practice of developmental psychology CO2: Examine the major theories of human development CO3: Differentiate the stages of the life cycle, physically, emotionally, and cognitively, in the human being CO4: Explore pathology in childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, and late adulthood CO5: Examine socio-cultural influences on human development C06: Articulate in writing critical analyses based on the synthesis of information from course relevant scholarly publications Table of Contents Course Delivery Method The delivery of this course via distance learning enables students to complete academic work in a flexible manner, completely online. Course materials and access to an online learning management system are made available to each student. Online assignments
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include whole class discussions accomplished in groups through a threaded discussion board, examinations and quizzes graded electronically and a major course paper Table of Contents Course Materials Required Course Textbook Dacey, J. S., Travers, J. F. & Fiore, L. (2008). Human development across the lifespan. McGraw Hill Publishing Table of Contents Evaluation Procedures Discussion Board Assignments: The course includes weekly discussion board dialogs. Topical instructions each of the discussion assignments are located under the “Discussion Board” link on your course screen. The discussion assignments a blend of dialog with peers as well as academic research exercises and will be . All of the discussion boards require research using scholarly sources credited in APA format. A minimum of two scholarly sources are required for each week’s initial post (the one in response to the topical instructions posted on the board by your instructor on the Discussion Board in your online classroom. In addition to
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