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Week 4 Chapter Questions Assignment Name: Student ID#: Instructions: Type your answers IN RED , following the selected Checkpoint questions. Week 1 Chapter 1 1. What is the basic difference between anatomy and physiology? ANSWER: The difference between anatomy and physiology is structure and function. Anatomy is the structure of the body and physiology is how the body functions. 2. Define each of the following terms: atom, molecule, cell, tissue, organ, system, and organism. ANSWER: atom: the smallest units of matter that participate in chemical reactions; molecule: two or more atoms joined together; cell: are the basic structural and functional units of an organism; tissue: are groups of cells and the materials surrounding them that work together to perform a particular function; organ: usually have a recognizable shape, are composed of two or more different types of tissues, and have specific functions; system: consists of related organs that have a common function; organism: one human being, all the systems of the body combined. 3. How are negative and positive feedback systems similar? How are they different? ANSWER: They are similar because they both cause change in a controlled condition They are different because in negative feedback systems, the response reverses a change in a controlled condition, and in positive feedback systems, the response strengthens the change in a controlled condition. 4.
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Weeks1-4ChapterQuestionsAssignment - Week 4 Chapter...

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