Outline Style Mind Mapping(Mind-Body)

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Unformatted text preview: Outline Style Mind Mapping Main Idea – How the body and mind are connected when it comes to learning. First Subtopic – Exercising helps keep you focus to learn Detail – When we work out we help relax the body and mind. ( a description of an exercise for high school to college students, enabled students to examine and critique the way that cultural assumptions and ideas about the body impact upon our own identity) Grauer, 2007 Detail – Exercise gives us a sense of strength. Detail – Exercise makes the physical body stronger. Second Subtopic – Knowing your body can help improve your mind. Detail – Knowing when your body wants to stop. Detail – Feeling of accomplishment. Detail – Knowing your body can help move your mind . Third Subtopic – Different techniques to help keep you focus . Detail – Breathing smoothly.( the best learning can be expressed verbally and written down in books, etc.; the process and product of learning can be sharply distinguished; and, though down in books, etc....
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