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Frequently Asked Questions: 1. I submitted my work on Sunday night at 11:59 p.m., but you gave me a zero. Why? APUS operates according to Eastern Standard Time, and since you’re living on the West Coast, the work arrived three hours late. 2. If I know that my work will be late, what should I do? If you expect to submit work late, for whatever reason, e-mail me to let me know and to discuss your options. My “Late Assignments, Extensions, & Grading Policies” are listed in a separate file. 3. How should I label my assignments? Assignments should be labeled lastname + initial of first name + the assignment. Since files are downloaded as a zip file, this information enables your work to be tracked. 4. I completed the Discussion Board Assignment. Do I have to copy my posts in a Word file and submit them in the Assignment area? In this course, you do not have to upload a separate file that contains your Discussion Board posts since that information will reviewed and evaluated in the Discussion Board area of the course. 5.
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120.FrequentlyAskedQuestions - Frequently Asked Questions:...

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