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Scavenger_hunt - 1 Who is your Student Advisor Brian...

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1. Who is your Student Advisor? Brian Strecter 2. What are his/her business hours? 24/7 3. How are Student Advisors assigned to students? I’m not sure 1. What forms are available in the campus? My application form, My enrollment agreement, Orientation Certificate, Admissions Letter, Program Requirements, Student ID Card 2. Where can the student find information about his/her student account? (Paste the web link from the appropriate page) https://online-campus.apus.edu/amu/pad/srb/frmViewMyAccount.aspx 3. How can a student tell which courses to take? By viewing Program Requirements 4. Where can a student find out more about Learning Outcomes Assessment at APUS? On the Learning Outcomes Assessment website listed under Academic Resources. 5. How do I change my contact information? By clicking on “Change Contact information” under personal information and choose edit. 6. Where can a student get one of those great AMU/APU T-shirts? Campus Store 7. Is there a place to see the course descriptions without downloading the entire catalog? If yes,
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