NoteTakers 1-1 - Odysseus was a man who never said who he...

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Myself Himself Herself Itself Reflectivity for narration! giving a nonliving thing feelings and emotions in comparison to a living thing. etic license is the license to hide the truth! Odysseus is away), Penelope, Antinoös, and the suitors (bad guests). Telemachus and Odysseus are considered “godlike” and thoughtful. daimon is where we meet Menelaus and Helen. nd. He leaves on a raft. tries to drown him. Odysseus swims for two days. meets Nausikaa. The Phaiakians give generously to him. Odysseus’s honor. He sobs at Demodocus’s song and attracts Alcinous’s attention. story of his travels. Core 101-12 Narratives of the Self I August 26, 2010 The course is about the idea of self. Self is something constant (subjectivity), identity, perception, mind (consciousness), body and personality. The Odyssey of Homer Homer uses several words to describe Odysseus, such as crafty, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Odysseus was a man who never said who he was. August 30, 2010 In inflected languages, word order does not matter. It is used as other words to mean grammatical structures. (Periodicity) The Odyssey is an epic poem (there are three types of poems: Lyric, Dramatic and Epic). Epic poetry is defined by the meter, dactylic hexameter (Every line starts with a dactyl and ends with a spondee). Epic poems are narratives. Reasoning behind writing epic poems: storytelling, to interest the reader, to help others remember something, to show their imagination, impose wishes of what they want to happen on someone else and to provide explanation and meaning. September 2, 2010 September 7, 2010 The Odyssey was written in about 700 B.C. \ September 9, 2010...
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NoteTakers 1-1 - Odysseus was a man who never said who he...

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