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form #4 - continue their search for life outside of our...

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From your readings, and the films reviewed, and class discussion, what do you think should be our next goal in space, and why? Then, what kind of far-future adjustments will humans have to make on voyages lasting generations in spacecraft? Or, do you think space exploration should take a back seat to more pressing earth issues? Three paragraphs. Due: October 1, midnight Currently our goal in space, is finding other planets were life forms exist. From the information scientist have gathered, they have not found any proof that there is life outside our planet but they have not given up their search in finding it. I believe scientists should
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Unformatted text preview: continue their search for life outside of our universe, because many scientists speculate that our world will not live forever. Scientists are looking for a way that we can spend more than years on a space craft but decades on a space craft. They are investigating this because they want to be able to find another world like ours that we could transport people to before our universe ends. Space exploration is the future of mankind. We should focus on exploring outer space because it will prepare us for the day when our universe dies....
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