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last form!! - We have reviewed some extraordinary...

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We have reviewed some extraordinary techonologies, all of which, taken together, are and will transform humanity in the next two centuries. When you think about your CORE readings in Narratives of Self, and then compare that to what we have discussed about machine/human interfaces, gene splicing, robotics, nanotechnology , nueral implants, space exploration , and new forms of energy, make an argument for or against the idea that Homo Nova will eventually emerge, a new type of human. Do any of the ideas of "Self" hold true for the future? Are the ideas you discussed in Narrative of Self in relation to what we discussed out-of-date or revelant? 3-5 paragraphs In my core class, Narratives of the Self, we have learned a lot about the meaning of a self and what makes a self. The boundary line between a self in a human made by reproduction and a machine that resembles a human is becoming very thin. Although many philosophers try to explain what a self is there is no true definition.
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