2nd history paper finished

2nd history paper finished - 1 David Stockton: The...

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1 David Stockton: The classical Athenian Democracy. Oxford University Press, 1989. In The Classical Athenian Democracy , Stockton demonstrates the growth of Athens political structure and how Athens achieved democracy. Stockton demonstrates this by showing how Athens worked at different points in its history. In the beginning David Stockton tries to catch the reader up on events in the Greek world that affected the expansion of the Athenian constitution. Stockton outlines Solonian’s class structure which Solon classified the structure according to the amount of land and agriculture a person owned. Athens money was metal coins, because this inhibited the government from printing money. Athens economy depended heavily on slave labor. This made it possible for citizens to spend more time on their selves, the city, and the ability to serve in the military. Although the resident aliens, metics, were free people they did not have the right to vote or hold public office. Although they could serve in the Athenian army or navy, they were segregated because they were usually put in defensive roles. In chapter two, “From Solon to Ephialtes”, Athenian democracy begins developing under Solon’s reforms around 570 B.C. Stockton says that Solon laid the basic legal foundation for Athenian democracy. Dividing the polity into four classes based on wealth tended to give the upper classes more power. He also redistributed political powers, and established the council of 400, and raised the powers of the assembly. Peisistratus, who was the tyrant that ruled Athens in 546 B.C. and was able to further diminish the power of the aristocracy, “…gave Athens
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2nd history paper finished - 1 David Stockton: The...

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