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My first semester as a college student I learned a lot about my writing. In the beginning of this semester, my grammar was so awful that it took away from my writing. Now that I am aware of my mistakes, it is a lot easier for me to explain my main points in my writing. Noticing and improving my grammar mistakes has given me confidence and a positive attitude towards writing. As I continue writing, I will gain more experience that will improve my writing. In the following four essays, they show how I have improved in my writing and how they represent me as a writer.
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Unformatted text preview: In my narrative essay, I wrote about my struggles with reading and writing when I was younger. My first essay is about my teacher Mrs. Bell and her influence on my parents that lead them to teach me how to read. My second essay is about my biggest regret in life and what it has taught me. My last piece of writing was an out of class assignment that I did about violating a nonverbal rule for communications class. As I have work on this project throughout the semester, I have grown in my writing by expressing my ideas and by noticing my grammar mistakes....
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