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District courts - If you do not get satisfaction in the...

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District courts-they hear all cases in that district- heard b one judge Circuit courts of appeals- deal with cases rising in a number of districts- 3 judge panels- En banc- heard by entire judges assigned by that district Supreme Court - (first court in very few cases) - granting of a writ of certiorari There are 12 judicial courts District court they hear all federal cases (original jurisdiction) the finial say of the matters of fact
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Unformatted text preview: If you do not get satisfaction in the district court then you go to circuit courts of appeals (appellate jurisdiction) they only try law (Interpretations of the law) ex. The district court was mistaken or the district court was unconstitutional Then go to Supreme Court only if (writ of certiorari) 4 justices of the Supreme Court they have to say they want to hear the case for all 9 of the justices will hear the case...
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