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English official language of the United States

English official language of the United States - Francis 1...

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Francis 1 Caffrey Francis Mr. Bombard English 1101 July 1, 2010 English: The Official Language The United States is composed of immigrants who come from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, but to function in America, immigrants must learn how to speak English. Immigrants come to America not only for the freedoms, but also the opportunity to have a better life, which includes making more money. Unfortunately, immigrants who do not speak English earn “half as much as immigrants that do” and they end up working jobs that require hard physical labor because those jobs do not require any English proficiency (Joe Thomas). Although “last year, a Zogby International Poll [indicated] that eighty five percent of Americans supported making English the official language of all government operations” and “seventy-one percent of Hispanics supported this idea too,” there is still a big movement against it (Cecilia Muñoz). Many people say that if the government passes this law it will be turning its back on what makes America a dream for so many immigrants. It would be extremely difficult for an immigrant who does not fluently speak English to perhaps survive, but not thrive in our society. There is also an increasing concern that passing the law would restrict the government’s ability to communicate should a disaster occur. Would immigrants who are not fluent in English be able to understand the government’s warning? To become an American citizen, it is required to understand, to write, to read, and to speak simple English words and phrases. Since it is the “official language of public expression,” immigrants should have no trouble understanding our
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Francis 2 government warning if there was a disaster coming their way (Baron 1). Americans are very accepting of other ethnicities and backgrounds, but this is our nation and we should not accommodate an immigrant’s language needs. Immigrant should want to learn the language willingly and become a part of the country they immigrated to. Some people believe the strength
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English official language of the United States - Francis 1...

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