Essay - Essay Look at the suggested themes and go back to...

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Essay Look at the suggested themes and go back to Walbank and your notes; think about how much you could say about any one of those issues and what sort of concrete examples/evidence you could provide. The more the merrier. As for the comprehensive, think about those same issues but in terms of the long run of Greek civilization. Character of Hellenistic monarchy Economy of the Hellenistic world Greece is a peninsula, has an incredibly indented coast with lots of harbors, very poor soil, and is very mountainous; it is a place that is almost pre-conditioned to base its economy and culture very heavily on trade and maritime pursuits. The island city of Rhodes, organized under a naval aristocracy was able to manage because their economy was largely base on trade. Sparta is a little different; it is one of the few fertile regions in Greece. A lot of reason for Spartan exceptionalism (?) was that it was a place where you could have a mostly agricultural economy. Some citys such as Samos in the second century had grain shortage which occurred from time to time because bad harvests and distortion of the market by war and speculation no doubt both played a part and the high cost and difficulties of land transport together with the dangers of sea transport sometimes hindered attempts to alleviate a local shortage. During these hard times the Hellenistic kings often help cities out with loans in time of famine, or paying for the building of temples, porticoes and theatres. Economic distress and great extremes of poverty and wealth were a recipe for class conflict and led to threats of social revolution in Greece proper and in the lands around the Aegean. The traditional training, the common messes, all that had produced the traditional Spartan, had been
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Essay - Essay Look at the suggested themes and go back to...

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