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extra credit please get me a B paper

extra credit please get me a B paper - Caffrey Francis COR...

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Caffrey Francis April 27, 2011 COR 104 Dr. Siegler Artwork and Emotion The artists’ Henri Matisse and Wassily Kandinsky each raised a valid point in their articles. In Henri Matisse’s article, “ Exactitude is Not Truth ” the artist focuses on the feeling the artist feels because this gives the painting its character. In Wassily Kandinsky’s article, “ The Effect of Color ” the artist focuses on how the colors can bring out the emotions of the viewer. The artists’ Matisse and Kandinsky both focus on the different ways artwork can provoke emotions in people. In “Exactitude is Not Truth” Matisse demonstrates through the same sketching how the artist can depict a person or object differently depending on the emotions she feels. Such as, a writer who expresses their emotions on paper, a painter expresses theirs through their artwork. Matisse bases the article on the way artists see an object or person. The emotions that an artist is experiencing while painting is how the artist see’s that person or object at that time. In Matisse
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