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1 Caffrey Francis March 6, 2011 Dr. Smith Regional Transformation and its Effects on Religious Behavior In Cults, Territory, and the Origins of the Greek City-State, Francois de Polignac, focuses on how religious space helped create the economic and social structure in the Greek city-state. He reveals this by using myths and rituals. De Polignac begins at the end of the Geometric period and ends at the beginning of the Archaic period. Francois de Polignac begins by explaining the archeological evidence as well as the textual evidence to help the reader understand the regional transformation that took place and how it affected religious behavior. In the late Geometric period, the number of cult sites is indefinite but the numbers are increasing all the time. The archeological evidence of offerings to the gods has left mounds of ashes and bones. This has lead archeologist to believe that in the late Geometric period their religious sacrifices and offerings were mainly obeloi, earthenware, and bronze figurines, but larger site offerings where more impressive like jewelry, and ivory pieces. These offerings were placed in tombs. As the eighth century continues, religious life becomes an increasingly important part of social lives. Instead of impressive offerings such as bronze objects being positioned in tombs, they were positioned in sanctuaries due to the Greek civilization and its increased wealth. The Greek civilization was becoming wealthy so therefore more of their riches were distributed to the gods. The religious behavior evolved during this time because the
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first_history_paper-edited!!! - 1 Caffrey Francis March 6...

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