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John Brown was an American abolitionist and a hero who used violence to end slavery. Although he did not succeed, in his many attempts to end slavery, his determination and moral stance on the issue left me with many questions I would have asked him if he was still alive today. John Brown is still a controversial person today; if I got the chance to interview him my first question I would ask would be what he thinks of himself now. Does he think of himself as a violent murderer or a man with a vision of blacks and whites able to tolerate one another with
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Unformatted text preview: out violence or aggression? I would then proceed to ask why he used violence towards the pro-slavery group instead of peaceful resistance like most northerners. I would also love to ask him what he would have changed if he could go back. John Brown was a very interesting man that lived a long life although he didnt abolish slavery his attempts lead to the Civil War and he will never be forgotten....
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