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nonverbal - I chose to violate a nonverbal rule was in an...

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2. Write a paper that (a) briefly summarizes what nonverbal rule you violated and how you violated it, and (b) discusses how people reacted and how your interpersonal relations were impacted. People send thousands of nonverbal messages a day because it is a part of how we communicate with each other. Communication is not just verbal; it can be nonverbal through many things like: gestures, movement, and facial expressions. Through nonverbal actions we often exhibit non What if the nonverbal rule is violated I chose to violate a culture nonverbal rule that would catch a lot of people off guard. The location
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Unformatted text preview: I chose to violate a nonverbal rule was in an elevator. I used the elevator in the mall to gradually move closer to people and in time invade their personal space. The reactions that I received from people were surprising. Communication can be expressed through nonverbal messages that it’s hard to ignore: gestures, movement, and facial expressions in close quarters. As I got onto the elevator it was very crowed,...
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