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PATH Academy Eval - X 1 How did you hear about volunteering...

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Volunteering at PATH Academy Oglethorpe University Student Evaluation Form Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree By participating in PATH Academy, I gained more experience working with middle school children. X I think that exposure to successful college students is a helpful and positive asset to kids. X I would recommend to my friends to volunteer at PATH. X I feel satisfied with my volunteer experience. X I would volunteer with PATH Academy even if a Civic Engagement Petrel point was not given. X My presence at PATH will encourage the students to succeed academically and pursue positive habits.
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Unformatted text preview: X 1. How did you hear about volunteering at PATH Academy? (The Source, flyer, etc.) Through my friend Kate Siess. 2. Would you volunteer again at PATH Academy? What, if anything, would prevent you? Yes 3. What were your volunteer responsibilities at PATH Academy? How successful were you in achieving them? Grading papers 4. Were you given adequate support/resources to complete your goals? Yes 5. Did your volunteer experience at PATH benefit you and your future goals? How? 6. For PATH next semester, what would you change or add? Nothing...
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PATH Academy Eval - X 1 How did you hear about volunteering...

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